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system balance

Do you know how your nervous system is doing? 

Our nervous systems are programmed to respond to stress in our environment. As we go about our daily tasks our internal systems are scanning for threats and keeping us safe. Our life experiences help to determine the sensitivity of the system. 

Life can throw all sorts of stress our way.The big stuff we all know about, divorce, trauma, grief, and loss, as well as the 'good' stressors such as getting married, having children, and buying a home. Everyday stressors in life and in the workplace also add up over time in your system and can impact your health and ability to function.

We need to be aware of and take care of our nervous systems for optimal health and function. Activities and physical or sensory strategies can be used to calm and ground the system or to energize us for function. Finding what works for you becomes your personal medicine and part of your tool box to thrive. 


I can help you learn how to tune into your nervous system and find your balance through a range of activities, strategies, and techniques.

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