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You are in a fortunate position if you love your work and you are able to meet the demands of the job without draining your resources for life outside of work. Many people find the balance has shifted and work can feel overwhelming, taxing, stressful, or even traumatic. For others injury or illness make working more difficult than in the past and at times returning to work can feel impossible.

I consider the Person-Environment-Occupation model to understand the factors impacting an individual's vocational experience. Optimizing the fit between you and your job is conducive to recovery and long term vocational success. 

If you have been off of work from some time, returning to work can feel daunting. I am trained in the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) and have helped many people bridge the gap to successfully return to work. 

Whether you are at work or off of work, I can help with you with work! 

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